Mary Dockery 

Mary Dockery's life is a balancing act.   Working two jobs, having a son that is active in sports and a two year old daughter, keeps her always on the run.   “I have been renting properties for almost 16 years, I never knew how serious or hard it would be to be able to afford a decent place to live. …I have always worked hard and provided a place for my kids, I am ready to own my own home”

Mary has instilled the idea of hard work in her son, when he is not active in a school sport, he is working a part time job at a local restaurant.   “We are hard working people, it is just how we were raised”  is what Mary will tell you as she zips from work to school to her second job.  

 Nary Thach
Nary moved to the US with her 3 children from Cambodia in 2001. She has had many difficulties, including being in 3 different refugee camps in 3 countries. Once she came to America, the challenges continued as she learned the language and culture while working and raising her three children.  Her first goal has always been to raise her children into strong adults. Moving into a Habitat home will be a big step in helping Nary create a safe home environment to provide a launch pad for her family.
James and Zina Smith
James and Zina met in the Air Force, fell in love and started a family.  The economic downturn in 2008 hit the family hard and local, stable employment was difficult to find.  After relocating to Raleigh for a position that was later eliminated, the family of six had to move into his parent's makeshift basement apartment.  Although they were grateful for the apartment, the space was very crowded.  Now, with full time employment, James and Zina are working hard to put their feet on solid ground, fulfilling their dream of a stable home for their four boys.

Mohamed H Sharaf & Shama Abdella

Mohamed came to America as a refugee in 2000. He traveled from East Africa to West Africa suffering the loss of his parents and some of his siblings as well as hunger and loneliness along the way. He has since become a US citizen and married his lovely wife, Shama. Mohamed has worked for Ralph Lauren for the last 15 years and attends GTCC part-time to complete a degree in Accounting. Mohamed and Shama have four children, the youngest relying on a ventilator to breathe. Their current rental home is plagued with mold and drafts which makes it dangerous for their son’s health. They are thankful for the opportunity to own a Habitat home that is good enough for their big family with their special needs.